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If you are yet to find stability in your diet program and struggling with weight after many attempts to solve it, you should try ketogenic. There are many studies and testimonials, which prove that a ketogenic lifestyle pays. The popular ‘keto’ diet is simply a low-carb diet used for many centuries successfully. In the 19th century, for example, diabetes was controlled effectively using this method. It was not until early in the 20th century during the First World War that it was introduced as an effective treatment for epilepsy for kids. 


The Ketogenic diet has been used for a varied number of problems ranging from cancers to Alzheimer’s disease. Other diseases fought by the keto diet are diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome in women. For a long time in history, it has been recognized as an alternative form of managing chronic diseases. It has suddenly gained more attention this century, as a weight loss strategy. There are more people who have believed and shown concern in the need for low-carb diets such as the South Beach, Paleo, or Dukan options. Most of the diets are moderate in fat and high in protein except Ketogenic, which stands out as a high-fat content. It is the simplest method of how to lose fat.

ketogenic meal plan

How it works

Many people struggle with how to decrease weight fast naturally. This diet is designed to rid glucose from your body. Since glucose is the main source of energy derived from high-carbs, this diet provides an alternative solution. It focuses on stored fat to produce the necessary energy hence the name ‘keto’. Your brain needs large amounts of glucose consistently, which is equivalent to 120 grams since it does not store glucose. When you fast, and carbs run low, the body pulls the glucose reserves from the liver and breaks down muscle. After 4 days of fasting, insulin decreases in your blood and fat becomes the primary source of fuel. Your liver will then release ketone bodies useful in place of glucose.

keto meal plan

The accumulation of ketone bodies in the blood is referred to as ketosis. Most healthy people experience the process naturally whenever they fast. This means when they have a good night’s rest or when they engage in a strenuous exercise. Experts note that the results of the diet are immense and impressive if carefully followed. You should, therefore, follow the instructions to avoid optimum harmful level referred to as ketoacidosis. This situation will cause the brain to use the ketones as fuel and put you at risk. Insulin in healthy people is often enough to help avoid excess ketones production. There are varying levels in people depending on their genetic structure, fat percentage, and many other contributing factors such as the metabolic rate.

The Diet

Nutrition infographics: food pyramid diagram for the ketogenic diet.

Note that there is no standard prescription and rationing of macronutrients, as is the case in other modern diets. It simply reduces the total carbohydrate intake to not more than 50 grams daily. Most keto experts recommend up to 80% of fat from total daily calories as opposed to only 10% of carbs. These foods that burn belly fat work over a fasting process like sleeping or working out. The diet requires up to 2000 calories translating to over 150 grams of fat. The protein levels are kept moderate as opposed to other low-carb options, which allow the extra protein to fight the possible occurrence of ketosis. This way, the amino acids in protein are converted to glucose hence the minimal amounts preferred in a ketogenic diet.

There are different versions of this diet hence the variations in standards. All the known variations of keto diets ban the consumption of carbs. Some of the foods to avoid across the spectrum are the common starches, pasta, cookies, rice, refined and whole grains, and cereal foods. Others include; corn, potatoes and some fruit juices. Foods high in fat are encouraged instead. They include the commonly available such as fatty cuts of meat, unsaturated fats, lard, butter, avocados, seeds, oily fish, and nuts among many others. Some keto diets may even conflict on some of the foods, but there are basics to agree upon. You need to know exactly what form you have taken.

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The benefits of ketosis to subjects

Ketogenic diets have been tested to many subjects and observed over time. There have been varying results, but here are the most common ones observed;

  • Steady blood sugar levels from little to no intake of carbs
  • Skin improvements especially among acne patients
  • No feeling of deprivation because you experience less hunger
  • Mental clarity and increased cognition
  • Improved triglyceride and cholesterol levels
  • Improved physical energy
  • Hormone regulation
  • Body fat burning

The Bottom Line

ketogenic weight loss foods

After finding many tips to lose body fat without success, it is time to try out the keto diet. You will need to be faithful to the instructions for quite a while before you can experience substantial results and evidence that it is working. The best part is that there is little effort in working but only paying attention to reduced carbs especially before sleeping, exercising, or fasting. The available research today shows how much the ketogenic diet is limited. There is not enough information in the diet prescription to guarantee a long term program or strategy for healing.

Admittedly, there are short-term benefits to individuals on weight-loss programs. This improvement is measurable in cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. Ridding several food groups from your diet may cause significant changes and a risk to your overall health. Compliance with this diet can be complicated in the long-term. The American Heart Association, for example, is categorical about its opposition in the elimination of vital nutrients from diets of patients using this ideology. The diet is expected to flourish and gain more popularity all the same thanks to the desperation in a large section of Americans seeking alternative solutions to weight loss.

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